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Russian Novatek to withdraw from hydrocarbon explorations in the Adriatic – Montenegro, 09 September 2022

According to Montenegrin media, the owner of Russian gas company Novatek Leonid Mikhelson said that the company will gradually withdrew from the hydrocarbon exploration project in the Montenegrin part of […]

Eni and Novatek completed offshore hydrocarbon geophysical survey – Montenegro, 29 July 2019

Montenegrin Hydrocarbon Agency announced that a consortium of Italian Eni and Russian Novatek has completed geophysical and hydrographic research in two small oil and gas fields in the Adriatic Sea. […]

First oil well in the Adriatic by the end of 2019 – Montenegro, 05 October 2018

Director of the Montenegrin Hydrocarbon Agency Vladan Dubljevic said that the first ship for seismic hydrocarbon exploration will sail into Montenegrin waters on 1 November this year and the first […]