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There will be no new tenders for hydrocarbon licenses – Greece, 24 January 2023

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis ruled out the possibility of any new international tender for additional licenses for onshore or offshore hydrocarbon exploration. Reignited hydrocarbon exploration activity for natural gas […]

Turkey to reach almost 30 GW in wind energy by 2035 – Turkey, 06 January 2023

Turkey’s wind energy installed capacity is expected to increase to 29.6 GW by 2035, 5 GW of which is offshore. These projections were laid out by the recently-published National Energy […]

Four countries agreed cooperation in the Black Sea offshore wind developments – Region, 27 October 2022

Wind energy associations from four countries – Turkey, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Georgia, have signed a protocol for regional cooperation in offshore wind energy. The protocol aims at increasing cooperation between […]