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670,186 MWh traded on BSP in June – Slovenia, 02 July 2019

A total of 670,186 MWh of electricity was traded on the day-ahead market on the Slovenian energy exchange BSP Southpool in June 2019, which is a 0.4 % increase compared […]

Electricity consumption down by 0.94 % in February – Turkey, 01 March 2019

According to the data published by Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, electricity consumption in the country in February 2019 decreased by 0.94 % compared to the same month […]

Bankers Petroleum signed domestic crude oil sales contract with IRTC – Albania, 2 September 2016

Canadian-based oil company Bankers Petroleum announced that it has signed a domestic crude oil sales agreement with Ionian Refining and Trading Co. (IRTC). The agreement will come into force after […]