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PBZ CO bought a significant package of Petrol’s shares – Slovenia, 26 October 2022

Slovenian NovaKBM bank has sold a package of 25,985 shares of energy group Petrol, which amounts to 1.24 % of the company’s total shares. The transaction is worth around 10.5 million euros. The buyer of the majority of sold shares is the Croatian pension fund PBZ Croatia Osiguranje (PBZ CO). P Full article available for […]

Morgan Stanley, Intesa and PBZ selected as advisors in possible INA buyout – Croatia, 11 April 2018

The Croatian Government decided to hire a consortium of Morgan Stanley, Intesa Sanpaolo and Privredna Banka Zagreb (PBZ) who will act as an advisor in the possible buyout of the shares of Hungarian MOL in Croatian oil company INA. The consortium consists of the world-renowned investment bank Morgan Stanley and one of the biggest Croatian […]