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Ascent claims 500 million euros in damages from Slovenia – Slovenia, 17 August 2022

UK-based Ascent Resources has formally submitted a request for arbitration against Slovenia following complications in the country green-lighting the company’s Petisovci gas project. Ascent has revised its damage assessment from […]

Ascent Resources opposes to Slovenia’s new total fracking ban – Slovenia, 06 May 2022

As a total ban on hydraulic fracking in Slovenia has entered into force, UK-based Ascent Resources, which is still in dispute with the state over the granting of permit to […]

Ascent considering increasing damage claim in its dispute with Slovenia – Slovenia, 17 March 2022

UK-based Ascent Resources said that it is considering increasing its damages claim in the dispute against Slovenia due to the proposed restrictions on hydraulic fracking in the country. The company […]