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Slovenia to ban hydraulic fracking – Slovenia, 12 January 2022

Slovenian Government said that it has adopted draft amendments to the Mining Law which will ban hydraulic fracking. However, the ban will not affect the hydraulic fracking at the Petisovci […]

Ascent expects 100,000 euros per month revenues from Petisovci gas field – Slovenia, 12 October 2021

UK-based Ascent Resources said that it expects that the two wells at its Petisovci gas field in Slovenia will generate revenues in the amount of 100,000 euros per month. The […]

740,600 MWh traded on BSP in January – Slovenia, 05 February 2021

A total of 740,600 MWh of electricity was traded on the day-ahead market on the Slovenian energy exchange BSP Southpool in January 2021, which is a 10.1 % increase compared […]