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EPCG loses 300,000 euros per day due to decreased generation capacity at HPP Piva – Montenegro, 19 May 2023

According to Montenegrin media, one of the three installed generators at hydropower plant Piva is not operational due to transformer malfunction, costing state-owned power utility EPCG over 100 million euros […]

Agreement on the revitalization of unit three of HPP Piva signed – Montenegro, 26 November 2020

Montenegrin state-owned power utility EPCG signed an agreement on the revitalization of the third unit of hydropower plant Piva with a consortium consisting of Slovenian Litostroj and Serbian Elektroremont. The […]

Overhaul of HPP Piva completed – Montenegro, 31 July 2020

State-owned power utility EPCG is completing the overhaul and revitalization of another unit of hydropower plant Piva, which will extend its operational life by additional 40 years. The investment in […]