Tag: procurement

Tender for procurement of diesel fuel due to low reserves – Serbia, 28 March 2017

Serbian Minister of Energy and Mining Aleksandar Antic stressed that Serbia has oil reserves sufficient for about ten days, adding that a tender for the procurement of additional amounts is […]

EP HZHB signed contract for SCADA distribution remote control system – Bosnia and Herzegovina, 28 September 2016

Bosnian power utility EP HZHB and Croatian-German consortium consisting of Koncar and PSI AG have signed a contract for the procurement and the implementation of SCADA/DMS/OMS system for remote control […]

Plinacro announced the tender for natural gas purchase – Croatia, 1 August 2016

Croatian state-owned natural gas transmission system operator Plinacro announced a public tender for the supply of natural gas for internal consumption of the transmission system in Croatia. The tender includes […]