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Croatia’s gas pact with Slovenia and three other EU member states – Croatia, 29 July 2022

Croatia is currently engaged in the preparation of a bilateral agreement with neighboring Slovenia on mutual support in case of the interruption of natural gas supply from Russia. According to […]

Slovenia-Hungary electricity interconnection put into operation – Region, 30 June 2022

Hungarian and Slovenian electricity transmission system operators MAVIR and ELES announced that the inclusion of the 400 kV Cirkovce – Heviz interconnection line into operation will go-live on 30 June. […]

RS lost arbitration over Vrbas HPPs – Bosnia and Herzegovina, 21 April 2022

The Republic of Srpska (RS) has lost 45 million euros in a dispute before the arbitration court in Washington. The arbitration procedure was launched by the Slovenian company Viaduct, due […]