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Again no bids for EPCG’s shares – Montenegro, 12 August 2022

Montenegrin state-owned power utility EPCG said that there were no bids submitted at the second public call for the sale of 10 % of its shares in a block transaction. […]

No offers for the purchase of EPCG’s shares – Montenegro, 02 August 2022

Not a single offer was received at the public call for the sale of 10 % of Montenegrin state-owned power utility EPCG’s own shares, with the only expression of interest […]

EPCG needs stronger partner than regional power utilities – Montenegro, 07 January 2019

Montenegrin Minister of Economy Dragica Sekulic said that there is no need for hasty sale of the minority stake in state-owned power utility EPCG. Minister Sekulic said that without any […]