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Domnesti substation to create premises for economic growth of the capital – Romania, 10 November 2020

Secretary General of the Romanian Government Antonel Tanase said, during the visit to the construction site of Domnesti substation, the consolidation of the electricity transmission network around the capital Bucharest […]

MEPSO and Dalekovod signed substation reconstruction deal – Macedonia, 04 November 2020

Electricity transmission system operator of North Macedonia MEPSO and Croatian company Dalekovod have signed an agreement on the reconstruction of 400/110 kV Bitola 2 substation worth 3.2 million euros. Bitola […]

EPS completed the reconstruction of Gornji Milanovac substation – Serbia, 17 June 2020

Serbian state-owned power utility EPS has commissioned the reconstructed and modernized 110/35 kV substation in Gornji Milanovac in central Serbia, a project in which the company invested 3.2 million euros. […]