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Supplier surcharge to be reduced by 50 % by 2020 – Greece, 18 May 2018

After several months of negotiation, Greek Government and Greece’s creditors have agreed that the RES-supporting supplier surcharge will be gradually decreased to 50 % of its current level by 2020. […]

RES special account surplus in 2018 will be higher than expected – Greece, 6 April 2018

According to Greek electricity market operator LAGIE, the surplus in RES special account at the end of 2018 will be much higher than initially expected and the operator should soon […]

Supplier surcharge will be reduced by 35 % for the remainder of 2018 – Greece, 3 April 2018

Greek Ministry of Energy has made a decision to reduce RES-supporting surcharge paid by electricity suppliers by 35 % for the remainder of this year. The reduction is much higher […]