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Romania among the EU countries with the lowest risk of oil supply disruption – Romania, 18 July 2016

According to the report by Cambridge Econometrics, Romania is not among the EU countries in which the geopolitical risks could cause the disruption in oil supply, although the country imports about a half of its crude oil demand. The report states that oil companies outside the European Union are responsible for about 80 % of […]

Iran and Turkey to agree on 12-13 % gas discount – Turkey, 13 July 2016

According to Turkish media, Turkey and Iran have come to an agreement regarding a 12-13 % discount on natural gas supplied by Iran, after this February’s ruling of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in Paris, which has awarded Turkey a discount between 10 and 15 %. Turkey has initiated a suit to the International […]

RCS&RDS to supply electricity to Romanian public television – Romania, 13 July 2016

Telecommunications operator RCS&RDS, which entered the electricity supply business in late 2014, has signed a contract worth almost 500,000 euros (without VAT) for the supply of electricity to the Romanian public television SRTv. The length of the contract is one year and it envisages the delivery of 6,842 MWh of electricity to SRTv’s headquarters in […]