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Parliamentary Committee votes to repeal price capping, 2 % turnover tax – Romania, 27 August 2019

The Industries and Services Committee in the lower chamber of the Romanian Parliament voted to repeal the article in Emergency Ordinance 114/2018, which established caps on gas and electricity prices, […]

Government considering to abolish 2 % turnover tax for energy companies – Romania, 04 July 2019

According the Romanian media, the 2 % turnover tax levied to companies in the energy sector under the emergency ordinance 114/2018 will be eliminated. However, other provisions pertaining to the […]

Abolishment of 2 % tax for coal-based energy producers is discriminatory – Romania, 27 March 2019

President of the Employers’ Organization of Renewable Sources of Energy in Romania (PATRES), Martin Moise said that the abolishment of 2 % turnover tax for coal-based electricity producers is clear […]

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