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Terna’s ADMIE bid will depend on new tariffs – Greece, 18 August 2016

According to the media, Italian energy company Terna will wait for the final decision regarding the new tariff levels at Greek electricity transmission system operator ADMIE, before deciding on submitting the binding bid on the tender for the sale of 24 % stake in ADMIE. Terna will make a joint bid with infrastructure fund F2i […]

Three bidders expected in the second round of ADMIE tender – Greece, 12 August 2016

According to Greek media, three of four bidders in the first non-binding round for the sale of 24 % stake in Greek electricity transmission system operator ADMIE are expected to qualify for the second round of this international tender. Italian Terna, RTE, a subsidiary of French EDF, and Chinese State Grid of China Corporation (SGCC) […]

Construction permit for submarine cable issued – Montenegro, 4 August 2016

Montenegrin Ministry of Tourism and Sustainable Development has issued a construction permit to a subsidiary of Italian energy company Terna for setting up of the submarine electricity cable between Italy and Montenegro in Montenegrin territory. The statement from the Ministry said that the permit is issued for setting up of 500 kV underwater/underground electricity cable […]