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Romania forced to import electricity – Romania, 14 February 2017

Although Romania is considered as an electricity exporter, the country was forced to import electricity since Monday, as domestic electricity production failed to cover the national consumption. According to Octavian Lohan, Board-member of the Romanian electricity transmission system operator Transelectrica, the situation has been determined by the fact that the price of imported electricity is […]

Government adopted measures to prevent energy crisis – Romania, 13 January 2017

Romanian Government has created legislative framework allowing electricity transmission system operator Transelectrica to introduce restrictions on electricity exports and to gradually limit electricity consumption. These measures were adopted after an analysis that included weather forecasts for the next period and the evolution of the fuel stocks, as well as notice from Transelectrica on imminent crisis […]

Electricity production reached highest level in ten years – Romania, 21 December 2016

Electricity production in Romania has reached the highest level recorded in the past ten years in the evening of 19 December, which is a result of increased consumption due to cold weather in the past few days. According to Romanian electricity transmission system operator Transelectrica, production peaked at 11,227 MW at about 18:00 on Monday, […]