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MEPSO signed 400/110 kV transformer deal with Slovenian Kolektor ETRA – Macedonia, 11 October 2019

North Macedonia electricity transmission system operator MEPSO has signed a contract for the procurement of 400/110 kV transformer, which will be installed at Bitola 2 transformer station, connected to the […]

New Imotski transformer station commissioned – Croatia, 7 April 2017

Croatian Deputy Minister of Environmental Protection and Energy Mate Rebic commissioned the newly built 110/20(10) kV transformer station Imotski. The construction of the transformer station cost about 2.4 million euros […]

HEP ODS continues to invest in transformer stations reconstruction – Croatia, 21 March 2017

Croatian state-owned power utility HEP, namely its subsidiary for electricity distribution HEP ODS, has completed the works on the reconstruction of 35/10 (20) kV transformer station Trokut in Cakovec, a […]