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Croatian company to pay 10.5 million euros over failed Trusina wind farm project – Bosnia and Herzegovina, 31 August 2021

Croatian company Kermas Energy will have to pay over 10.5 million euros to Serbian company Omega Plus over the failed project for the construction of Trusina wind farm near Nevesinje. […]

SDL Energy Company seeks concession for Trusina wind farm – Bosnia and Herzegovina, 07 February 2020

After SDL Energy Company from Istocno Sarajevo expressed interest in the construction of Trusina wind farm, the Government of the Republic of Srpska (RS) decided to launch a tender procedure […]

Grebak wind farm to be commissioned in 2021 – Bosnia and Herzegovina, 08 June 2019

Minister of Energy and Mining of the Republic of Srpska (RS) Petar Djokic announced that wind farm Grebak, whose construction should start in the second half of the year, will […]