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Units of coal-fired Rovinari and Turceni TPPs will not be closed by 2026 – Romania, 27 October 2022

According to a press release from the ruling National Liberal Party (PNL), three units at coal-fired thermal power plant Rovinari and seven units at TPP Turceni will not be closed […]

Gas-fired units at EC Oltenia to be completed by 2026 – Romania, 13 September 2021

State Secretary at the Romanian Ministry of Energy Dan Dragan said that gas-fired electricity generation capacities at Energy Complex (EC) Oltenia will be completed by 2026. EC Oltenia is preparing […]

Fire broke out at unit 7 of TPP Turceni – Romania, 14 March 2018

The fire broke out on the evening of 13 March at unit 7 of coal-fired power plant Turceni , which was cleared by the firefighters after an intervention that lasted […]