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EnC welcomes opening of electricity trade between EU and Ukraine – Region, 08 June 2022

On 7 June, the transmission system operators (TSOs) of Continental Europe responded positively to the request of Ukraine’s TSO Ukrenergo for the gradual opening of commercial electricity exchanges on the […]

Transelectrica and Ukrenergo to cooperate on further Ukraine’s integration in ENTSO-E – Romania, 09 February 2022

Romanian electricity transmission system operator Transelectrica and its Ukrainian counterpart Ukrenergo have signed an updated operational agreement that fully complies with the requirements of the European Network of Transmission System […]

Ukrenergo and MAVIR signed emergency energy exchange agreement – Hungary, 16 September 2020

In early September, Ukrainian and Hungarian electricity transmission system operator Ukrenergo and MAVIR have signed, for the first time, an emergency energy exchange agreement. It will enable both TSOs to […]