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EPBiH adopted 2022-2024 business plan – Bosnia and Herzegovina, 27 April 2022

Bosnian state-owned power utility EPBiH adopted the business plan for the 2022-2024 period. According to the plan, total electricity generation in the three years will amount to 17,238 GWh, while […]

Strabag seeks 20 million euros in damages from EPBiH – Bosnia and Herzegovina, 20 January 2020

According to Bosnian media, Austrian company Strabag has filed a lawsuit before the International Court of Arbitration in Brussels, demanding that power utility EPBiH pays 20 million euros in damages […]

Strabag has to pay 5.74 million euros to EPBiH – Bosnia and Herzegovina, 28 February 2019

According to the ruling of the Vienna-based Court, the consortium of Austrian Strabag and Croatian Koncar, with whom Bosnian power utility EPBiH has signed a contract for the construction of […]