Turkey requested an increase of Russian gas deliveries – Turkey, 28 October 2016

Russian gas company Gazprom said in a press release that Turkey has requested an increase in natural gas supply from Russia due to an incident involving the gas pipeline through which Turkey gets its supply from Iran. The press release from Gazprom said that the request for 28 October was increased by 9.3 % to […]

HEP to supply electricity to Slovenian Railways – Slovenia, 28 October 2016

Croatian state-owned power utility HEP announced that its Slovenian subsidiary HEP Energija has signed a contract on electricity supply with Slovenian Railways. The supply contract is 26.5 million euros worth and will be valid for three and a half years. With this latest addition, from the beginning of 2017 HEP will hold 12.5 % share […]

Serbia to build 500 million euros worth oil storage – Serbia, 28 October 2016

In order to increase the country’s oil reserves so that they could last for 61 days in accordance with the EU regulations, Serbian Ministry of Energy has launched a project for a public-private partnership, inviting the largest oil companies to build oil and petroleum products storage worth 500 million euros. Currently, Serbia has about 50,000 […]