About Balkan Energy

About us

Balkan Energy was formed over 15 years ago: to be the best all-around provider of expertise for power professionals which are either active in energy sector of South Eastern Europe, or plan to enter energy business in South Eastern Europe.

Our standard services

– Price forecasting: Day, Week, Month ahead, with complete analytics, advices and risks.
– Energy NEWS service: most comprehensive energy info source for all energy professionals in SEE
– Country Reports on Energy Business: in-depth overview of electricity markets for countries of SEE
– Advisory: trading, retail, consumers, producers, investing… 

Who are we?

We are a team of power engines, who provide professional expertise for SEE power markets… since 2004. For the past 15 years, our goal was to be the best all-around experts for SEE power business. Since SEE is rather small, isolated and completely different power sector than other European regions – we saw it as necessary to be “that one” team of experts, who is always several steps ahead.  

Standard services