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The most comprehensive and the most affordable source of energy info for Hungary and South Eastern Europe


Service includes access to over 27,000 Energy NEWS articles (searchable database) + excel downloads with all SEE power and trading data. PDF publications are also available online, with customized delivery of what you want to receive by email, for each user individually.

Web database: over 27,000 energy news articles published by Balkan Energy since 2005, with country/date/keyword search and filters

PDF Publication 1: SEE+Hungary Energy Daily: 3 times per week (55-60 pages per edition) + excel files

PDF Publication 2: Balkan Energy NEWS publication: 2 times per month (90-110 pages per edition) + excel

Subscription fee: 990 EUR annually - company licensed, unlimited number of users

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Daily trading strategies for HUPX 

Day ahead forecast report for Hungarian power exchange is published at 08:30 CET, with 10:00 CET update (PDF, excel and email notification). In addition to hourly price forecast, aim of daily reports is also to provide spot traders with all the data and analytics they might need for day-ahead trading, live power plants outage info and all other information relevant for spot trading.

HUPX + SEE Spot Support report also includes Week-ahead HUPX forecast.

Subscription fee: 400 EUR per month, company licensed.

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Monthly trading strategies for HUPX and SEE

HUPX+SEE Trading Tool is published in mid-month for the front month (15 days before start of delivery).

Aim of the report is to provide insight, profit options and trading strategies against current OTC prices, especially in spread of HUPX with German and Italian prices.

Report contains HUPX price forecast for the following month, buy/sell suggestions, analytics and forecasts regarding consumption, hydro generation, thermal generation, unavailability and maintenance of generation units, issues regarding transmission grid and reductions of cross-border NTCs, statistical data, market description and other info necessary for making month-ahead trading decisions.

Subscription fee: 460 EUR per month, company licensed.

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Trading advices given in our month-ahead trading documents continue to have 100% hit rate, for 9 months in a row for HU-DE spread trading.

“Monthly trading advisory” is an extensive month-ahead forecast and analysis of Hungarian and SEE markets. This type of service is intended to give detailed analytics, alternative ideas, trading strategies, out-of-the box thinking - with a goal to challenge opinions, actions and strategies of your traders and analysts.

“Trading Strategy” document is published some 30 days before the delivery month starts. Subscription to “Monthly trading strategies” also includes a 2-hour long personal presentation and discussion with our expert - where we further explain risks, opportunities and our standpoints from the document.

The month-ahead Advisory Service is consisted of:
1. PDF of the Trading Strategy for the front-month trading in SEE
2. Video conference presentation

The service includes:
- In-depth analysis of power fundamentals, statistics, behavior of power traders and other points relevant for the front month-trading.
- Advisory presentation and explanation of elements of the analysis
- Discussion with the expert provided by the Seller and traders of the Buyer.

Subscription fee: depending on option.

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"Bi-weekly risk and portfolio optimization report" is focused on trading and risk mitigations strategies on Hungarian and SEE markets. It contains concrete advices and strategies for trading and managing of opened positions for: Week+1, Week+2, Month+1, Month +2, Quarter+1, Quarter+2, Year+1 products.

The “Bi-Weekly risk and portfolio report” is delivered as an extensive document 30-40 pages document on bi-weekly basis which contains advices for trading and the most important global and regional factors which can impact Hungarian and SEE power markets during the next two weeks. With the report you get an optional bi-weekly telco with our expert, who will discuss with you proposed trading strategies and underlying analytics on which the trading strategy is based on.

The first delivery of the report comes during the first 7 days of the month (to support monthly cross-border auctions planning) and the second delivery of the report comes roughly 7 days before the end of the month (to support month-ahead closure of positions).

Subscription fee: depending on option.

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Essential energy info source for countries of SEE

  •   Generaloverview of the electricity market
  •   Consumption,production, export characteristics
  •   Legislationand electricity market opening
  •   Potentialsfor investments in power generation
  •   Analyses ofseasonal export/import trends
  •   Detailedanalysis of Cross Border Capacities
  •   Actualities– hot topics
  •   Keymarket players
  •   Electricity prices and tariffs
  •   Privatizations
  •   Currentstate of RES sector

Subscription fee:
290 EUR per country,  250 EUR for Energy NEWS subscribers

1,690 EUR all 8 countries - 1,190 EUR for Energy NEWS subscribers

Available for: BiH, BG, HR, ME, MK, RO, RS, SI - over 1000 pages

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Know what happened on your market with ex-post monthly review for Hungarian and SEE markets

"Monthly Power Market Review - for Hungary and SEE" provides analytics and explanations of price moves which happened on forward and spot markets in the previous month on Hungarian and SEE markets. The Report provides detailed explanations on of what was happening on regional markets and what were the reasons for that.

The report is intended for Regulators, Transmission System Operators, Power exchange Administrators, Utilities, Ministries of Energy and Assets owners. The aim of the report  is to help them understand reasons and consequences which happened on markets which they regulate or on which they operate. The report can also be useful for traders to re-evaluate their decisions during the past month.

Subscription fee: 490 EUR/month.

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Delivery of products and services to users

• All services are company licensed – unlimited number of users within company

• Each user within company can use Power Portal and access subscribed services online

• Each user can individually specify IF and WHAT to receive by email (News, Forecasts, PDFs, Excel data)

• There are no additional charges for multiple users, or usage of online features / email deliveries