SEE + Hungary Energy Daily

Must-know and up-to-date energy info!

SEE + Hungary Energy Daily is an info product published 3 times per business week: on mornings of Monday, Wednesday and Friday. With its publishing schedule and amount of published news articles and data, this product guarantees easy planning of short-term business strategies.

SEE + Hungary Energy Daily covers all must-know info for the regions of South Eastern Europe and Hungary, but also includes important information and updates from nearby regions, of interest to market players active in the region. In short, “SEE + Hungary Energy Daily” includes:

  • Energy NEWS articles – for 12 countries of SEE and Hungary + relevant news articles from Central Europe
  • Power flows : Data / Graphs for each of 25 borders in SEE, both hourly and daily data
  • Spot market : Data / Graphs for four relevant power exchanges: HUPX, EEX, OPCOM, BSP
  • Futures market : Data / Graphs for HUPX and EEX
  • Weather forecast : History, current weather and forecasts relevant to consumption / generation trends
  • Danube level forecast: History, current level and forecast relevant to hydro generation
  • Monthly ATC auctions – Offered / Awarded prices and quantities for each country (all borders – directions)
  • Carbon market : review of European carbon market actualities
  • Upcoming energy-related events

This product is a part of “Balkan Energy NEWS” publication service, and delivered to its subscribers free of charge.


Download (PDF, SEE-Hungary_Energy_Daily_15.05.2019.pdf)