ELPE to invest 15 million euros in the next two years, Montenegro, 8 June 2016

CEO of Greek Hellenic Petroleum (ELPE) Gregoris Stergioulis announced new investments in daughter companies that the group has in Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Cyprus. After the annual Shareholders’ Assembly held last week, Stergioulis explained that the company estimated that by 2023 the main fuel for cars will remain diesel and petrol, therefore the company […]

Fuel demand in Greece decreased by 8 % – Greece, 8 June 2016

According to the unofficial data for May, total volume of sales at petrol stations in Greece decreased by 8 % compared to the same month last year, despite the fact that current fuel prices are some 10 % lower than those in 2015. Yiannis Aligizakis, President of the Hellenic Petroleum Marketing Companies Association, explained that […]

Jugopetrol postponed the decision on dividend payout – Montenegro, 2 June 2016

Shareholders’ Assembly of Montenegrin oil company Jugopetrol will not decide on the distribution of dividends to its shareholders at the session scheduled for 7 June, but it is possible that the decision will be made at some session later this year, said the company’s Secretary Vesna Spajic. Net profit of the company amounted to 4.9 […]