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Slovenian-Italian intraday markets successfully coupled – Slovenia, 21 June 2016

Slovenian BSP Southpool energy exchange announced that Slovenian and Italian intraday markets have been successfully coupled as of 21 June 2016. A year ago, BSP Southpool integrated the Slovenian day-ahead […]

Snam’s expansion plans include the acquisition of stake in DESFA – Greece, 16 June 2016

One of the biggest European gas operators, Italian company Snam is looking to lift about 4 billion euros off its balance sheet as part of plans to spin off its […]

Montenegro is Italian bridgehead to Balkan energy markets – Montenegro, 4 June 2016

Matteo del Fante, CEO of the Italian energy company Terna, said in an interview to Italian media that the connection with Montenegro via submarine electricity cable is still a priority […]