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2.18 TWh traded on IBEX day-ahead market in August – Bulgaria, 04 September 2023

A total of 2,184,950.9 MWh of electricity was traded on the day-ahead market of the Independent Bulgarian Energy Exchange (IBEX) in August 2023, which is 3.6 % less compared to the previous month. Average daily traded volume in August amounted to 70,482.3 MWh. Traded volume in August 2023 was 7 % lo Full article available […]

1.95 TWh traded on HUPX day-ahead market in August – Hungary, 05 September 2023

The average price of electricity on day-ahead market of the Hungarian energy exchange HUPX amounted to 100.41 euros/MWh in August 2023 , which is 6 % higher compared to the previous month, when average baseload price amounted to 94.98 euros/MWh. Average HUPX DAM peak price amounted to 93.99 euros Full article available for subscribers of […]

New record traded volume on intraday market in August – Bulgaria, 01 September 2023

The traded volume on the intraday market segment of Independent Bulgarian Energy Exchange (IBEX) set yet another record in 2023 reaching 204,942.6  MWh in August, which is 5.3 %  more than the previous record from April 2023. Compared to the same period (January-August) last year, before the intr Full article available for subscribers of Energy […]