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Turkey signed 10-year gas supply deal with Oman - Turkey, 30 January 2023  |  Slovenia established Ministry of Environment, Climate and Energy - Slovenia, 30 January 2023  |  Elicio Wind to build two wind farms near Pancevo - Serbia, 31 January 2023  |  Hidroelectrica plans to build 300 MW solar power plant in Brasov county - Romania, 30 January 2023  |  EPCG plans to build 47 MW solar power plant at Zeljezara Niksic - Montenegro, 30 January 2023  |  E.ON to launch large investment in electricity network - Hungary, 31 January 2023  |  EC approved Croatia’s support for energy-intensive companies - Croatia, 31 January 2023  |  Ministry launched public calls for 250 MW in wind and solar projects - Croatia, 30 January 2023  |  Bulgaria had the largest increase of fossil fuels in energy mix in 2021 - Bulgaria, 30 January 2023  |  Construction of Bulgarian section of gas interconnection with Serbia to start on 1 February - Bulgaria, 30 January 2023  |  Electricity generation reached 4,195 GWh in November - Bulgaria, 30 January 2023  |  City of Mostar to build 60 MW solar power plant - Bosnia and Herzegovina, 31 January 2023  |  The new EU ETS reform to lead to higher prices - Region, 31 January 2023  |  Wind and solar electricity generation surpassed gas in 2022 in the EU - Region, 31 January 2023  |  Unit 2 at NPP Krsko to be commissioned in 2035 - Slovenia, 27 January 2023  |  Petrol expects 117 million euros profit in 2023 - Slovenia, 27 January 2023  |  EPS is no longer dependent on electricity imports - Serbia, 27 January 2023  |  Government extended fuel price caps until 28 February - Serbia, 27 January 2023  |  BSOG fined for failure to deliver certain amount of gas at capped price - Romania, 27 January 2023  |  Coal production rose by 1.7 % in the first eleven months of 2022 - Romania, 27 January 2023
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    Forecast: HUPX January 2023 Forecast published on 14.12.2022

    Our January-2023 detailed HUPX price forecast was been published on 14.12.2022. In addition to HUPX January-2023 price forecast, report contains trading advice and risks. Forecast also contains daily HUPX base […]

    Country Reports: January 2023 update available

    Country reports provide comprehensive overview of electricity sector for countries of South Eastern Europe. At the moment we have available up-to-date country reports for Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, […]

    Day and Week ahead HUPX forecasts

    Day/Week ahead Price forecasts are published each morning, on 08:30 hrs CET. Reports are delivered by email, or accessible on our Power Portal. Report includes hourly HUPX forecast, week-ahead HUPX […]